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Psychological Services

There's more to it than stylish couches and Freud


As a clinical psychologist I am trained in all mental health problems. I often work with children, adolescents and adults in individual or couple sessions.


  • Children – ADHD and other behaviour difficulties, feeding and eating problems in infancy and early childhood, attachment problems, enuresis (bed-wetting), separation anxiety as well as other anxiety-related problems, pervasive developmental disorders (Autistic and Asperger Disorder), depression in childhood, conduct disorder, as well as  relationship problems and problems adapting to change


  • Adolescents – Eating problems, self-injurious behaviour, relationship problems (parent-child, sibling as well as peer), coping skills, behaviour problems, anxiety and depression


  • Marital and Relationship Problems – with a focus on communication difficulties, including conflict resolution and poor listening skills, as well as parenting skills


  • Adults – Anxiety, stress-related difficulties, depression and Bipolar Disorders, psychosis, adaptation problems and eating problems


  • Post-partum/post-natal depression, anxiety or psychosis as well as problems during pregnancy or adapting to the birth of a baby as well as attachment problems


  • Pain management and adjustment to chronic illness


I am trained to assess and diagnose mental health problems.  I use a multitude of tests to assess clients of all ages in terms of intellectual, emotional, social and visual-motor functioning.  Some of these assessments include school readiness, IQ assessments, ADHD and other behavioural problems, depression, anxiety, personality assessments, neurological screening and many more.


Please contact me if you’d like to discuss assessments in depth.

Babies in mind ®

Informative, practical and supportive workshops based on the book, Babies in Mind, written by clinical psychologist, Jenny Perkel.   These workshops are based on you, and your baby’s, psychological and emotional health and well-being.  The workshop is based in a group, individual or couple format.


Learn about how to manage your baby’s sleeping and feeding difficulties and how to handle excessive crying.  Find out how to avoid postnatal depression and how to reduce your own, and your baby’s, stress.  Discover the secrets to forming a secure bond with your baby that lays the foundation for a happy, healthy future.



Tomatis ®

The Tomatis method is a method of sensory stimulation.  Good listening stimulates the brain.  It was found that a person could hear well but listen poorly.  Dr Tomatis, the founder of this method, believed this happens when muscles are not working properly and through auditory stimulation it is possible to retrain the muscles of the inner ear so that it can function without distortion.  The Tomatis method helps to transmit and process acoustic sensory messages.  I use a device called SoListen in my practice.  It consists of a set of headphones that use both bone and air transmission of sound as well as filtered music.  The music used in this approach is Mozart and Gregorian chants.


The Tomatis method could be applied in the following areas: learning difficulties and language disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), affective and emotional disorders, communication disorders, psychomotor difficulties, PDDs (Pervasive Developmental Disorders), personal development and well-being, improvement of the voice and musicality, preparation for childbirth and integration of foreign languages.